All the products are digital and downloadable. If you find data is corrupt or empty or is different than you ordered, for that you’ll have to inform us within 48 hours of your purchase, through Email or chat button with your registered email ID, we’ll send you correct data as soon as possible.

We, Digital Marketing Kit, have no defined cancellation and refund policy for the orders placed for supply of our various kind of Data & tools meant for multiple industry information.

We have earned very good reputation among clients by providing very useful information that proves very fruitful for the companies concerned.

Ones the Data & tools order is booked that cannot be cancelled and there is no provision for refund either. If the Data gets corrupted during the download process then it became the sole responsibility of the ISP & your computer system. We will never take any complaint after 24 hours after the download attempt. Clients are advised to check properly the data file at the time of delivery.